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Decentraland DAO grant proposal seeks to establish Web3 training and recruitment center in Decentraland

EkoLance recruitment and education platform seeks to create a training center in Decentraland

A proposal seeking $30,000 to create a training and recruitment center in Decentraland was submitted to the Decentraland DAO on the 13th of December and will close in two weeks. EkoLance, a Web3 recruitment and training platform, submitted the proposal.

EkoLance proposes that creating a training and recruitment center in Decentraland will enable them to select and educate talents already active within the Metaverse. And the agency outlines that it aims to enable 50,000 people to work in Web3-related jobs by the end of 2023.

The vote currently lies heavily in favor of no. It has an acceptance threshold of 2,000,000 voting power; at the time of writing, seven users have voted in favor (1,434 voting power), and twenty-five users have voted against (1,038,674 voting power).

EkoLance’s proposed roadmap covers three months: February, March, and April. They propose introducing the prototype center in February, making improvements throughout March, and finalizing the project in April.

A DAO member spoke out against the proposal advising other DAO members to vote against it:

‘I don’t see a single person listed in your proposal who would work on this project. I’d like to know who is on the team that will be implementing a grant.’

So far, he is the only member to comment on the grant proposal. And he outlined his doubts about the legitimacy of EkoLance’s loyalty to Decentraland:

‘Lastly, the wallet listed as creating this proposal has no personalized user name. There’s only one wearable in the backpack from back in April. It does not appear to me that the person associated with this wallet is an active member in Decentraland.’

The proposal will be live for another fortnight until it closes on the 27th of December.

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