Decentraland DAO votes on a proposal to build an education platform to break down the barrier between the virtual and real worlds

MetaTrekkers seeks another funding grant to build an educational platform.

Decentraland DAO votes on a proposal to build an education platform to break down the barrier between the virtual and real worlds
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A proposal to create an education platform seeking tier 6 funding, $240,000, has sparked an extensive debate amongst Decentraland DAO members. The proposal in question submitted by MetaTrekkers looks to secure extensive financing to create an education platform.

The vote remains relatively contested. MetaTrekkers submitted the proposal on the 1st of December. It will close on the 15th of December, with 102 votes in favor and 50 votes against: the voting power remains split at 3,736,752 and 2,444,475, respectively. At the time of writing, the proposal has yet to cross the 8,000,000 voting power threshold required for grants of this tier.

The grant will fund the creation of an educational group, create a platform similar to TED Talk, and hire various keynote speakers whose audience will be funneled into Decentraland. As expected, a proposal of this size features a detailed roadmap, but what does the community think?

Luvlee17 said that the proposal "is definitely a great opportunity to educate and onboard new members to the world of web3," he added that "the idea of the IDEO is extremely interesting and can’t wait to take part of this journey."

DigiFunDAO shared his feedback that Metatrekkers are one of the hardest working group right now, he believes that "this proposal will bring great values to decentraland."

DAO Member HPrivakos stated:

Voting no, there is a 120k grant still running and that hasn’t delivered 40k USD of value in the two months it has been running IMO.

DAO Member SugarClub stated:

I made my opinion clear that I don’t support multiple concurrent grants from 1 team. The Dao was not created to fund a start up applying for multiple different ideas at the same time. There is too much risks for the Dao to fund them while the team applying has very little risks (no skin in the game). It also goes against my views on decentralization. 1 grant at a time is the way the Dao should operate. That is how I see things.

The fact MetaTrekkers have already received a grant for a project they are currently working on has raised suspicions amongst several DAO members.

This proposal will play out over the next week, and MetaTrekkers still need to attract more voting power and votes in favor if they want their educational platform to become a reality.

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