Decentraland DAO temporarily pauses new grant proposals

Decentraland DAO temporarily pauses new grant proposals

Decentraland DAO temporarily pauses new grant proposals

The Decentraland DAO has passed a proposal that will temporarily halt the uptake of new grant proposals for a two-month window. The author of the proposal, Seanny, cited avoiding decision fatigue and the fact that a number of key decisions are coming up for the DAO as the motivation for this proposal. Eordano also contributed and was the co-author of this proposal.  

The proposal passed on January 1st and has been implemented. The DAO will not consider any new grant proposals until the end of February. Decentraland DAO members overwhelmingly supported this proposal with 75 votes in favor (7,891,079 voting power) versus 9 votes against (401,267 voting power).

This proposal only halts the uptake of new grant proposals, any grants that have already been approved before December 31st will remain unaffected.

The Decentraland DAO faces several significant decisions shortly, including restructuring the Community Grants Program, creating the Grant Revocation Committee, and introducing a Bidding and Tendering process.

These proposals will seriously affect the DAO’s structure and operational methodology in the coming weeks. A pause in grant proposal uptakes will give the DAO time to rest, recalibrate, and reflect on its decisions over the last year.

DAO member Esteban encouraged other members to vote yes and made an interesting comment about recent issues that have troubled the DAO:

Let’s move forward and finish enacting this pause, so that our community heals and rests from the decision fatigue and social problems that grants have been creating lately.’

DAO member Seanny replied to Esteban, citing his concern over the creation of a new precedent:

Even so, this pause only sets a precedent related to the starting and pausing of the Decentraland Grants System

DAO member Matimio responded to Seanny, drawing on political theory and discussing the core elements of power within the DAO:

I think the “DAO Community” putting a pause on “DAO Operations” is an important precedent to set. In political theory there is something called “a state of exception” and the argument is that “sovereign is he who decides on the exception.” The Community deciding to interrupt the normal flow of operations of the DAO, is an important step toward centering the locus of sovereignty in the DAO Community - or in other words, the power to decide on the exception.

New grant proposals have been paused for at least two months. Whether the DAO will extend this window remains to be seen. This grace period will give DAO members much-needed time to meditate on the upcoming governance decisions.

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