Decentraland DAO resumes grant proposal uptake

The pause enacted on grant proposals has ended and the DAO has a backlog of grant requests.

Decentraland DAO resumes grant proposal uptake

After a two-month hiatus, the Decentraland DAO has resumed accepting new grant proposals. The pause period came from a popular proposal passed at the start of the year to give the DAO voting body time to rest and recalibrate.

The DAO enacted the pause from the 1st of January until the 28th of February, and within the four-day window since resumption, it has already received seven separate grant requests.

New Grant Proposals

A proposal authored by Soulsinger seeks $54,000 in funding from the DAO to bring Dark Dungeons, a game similar to Dungeons and Dragons but with a shorter time frame, to Decentraland. Currently leading no.

A proposal authored by PlayVerse has requested $60,00 in funding to build out more games within the PlayVerse lobby, a land area in Decentraland. Currently leading no.

A proposal from InJesterr seeks $86,833 from the DAO to enhance Dual Arena P2E, a 2-D open-world game with a theme similar to Avatar: The Legend of Aang. The grant would be used to develop and integrate the game into the Decentraland platform. Currently leading no.

Interestingly, Kyllian, a DAO committee member, voted against all three of the above proposals.

A proposal from Serenaelis, a well-known electronic artist in Decentraland, looks for $60,000 in DAO funding to educate and help onboard new music artists into the Decentraland landscape, focusing on women and minorities. Currently leading yes.

A proposal from Yemel seeks $74,800 to maintain Decentraland Studios which operates the official partners registry helping onboard and verify builders and brands within Decentraland. Currently leading yes.

A proposal authored by ShelleyVan, who runs TRU Band Room, one of the leading, if not the leading, music venue in Decentraland, has requested $120,000 from the DAO split two ways. $60,000 in retroactive funding to cover the costs from last year and $60,000 to fund new content, onboard new artists, and continue operating TRU. Currently leading yes.

A proposal from LUCII looks for $1,500 to develop Meeple Madness, a platform metaverse game. Users who reach a certain point within the game gain access to an exclusive Meeples wearable. The grant money will be used to develop the game, cover the publishing costs, and be used for marketing. Currently leading yes.

A backlog of grant proposals was inevitable when the DAO paused the uptake. DAO members will have lots to think about, and given the current situation of the treasury, they should be more considerate with grant allocation.

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