Decentraland DAO members push to integrate the PolkaDot ecosystem

Decentraland DAO members push to integrate the PolkaDot ecosystem

A proposal submitted last Monday looks ready to pass. The proposal in question seeks funding to integrate PolkaDot and Decentraland by building a substrate pallet that would allow PolkaDot transactions in-game via creating a Dot-connect.

The proposal comes from Coinatomy, someone who has already been working on an education platform to inform Decentraland users about the PolkaDot ecosystem.

The core of this idea centers on integrating cross-chain in-game transactions from PolkaDot. This will be done by building a substrate pallet and adding it to an existing parachain and then, through Talisman, creating a Dot-connect, thereby allowing PolkaDot transactions in-game.

Additionally, the proposal includes adding Paintball to Decentraland and even beginning work on a PolkaDot layer two in-game marketplace.

This highly ambitious proposal seeks funding of $55,000, allowing the three core members, Butter#4840, Binh, and Max, to undertake this project. No clear roadmap has been offered regarding timing, but work has already commenced. An interesting part of this proposal is $25,000 on the grant has been allotted for work that has already been completed.

Coinatomy has been busy building, and their dreams of bringing cross-chain transactions to Decentraland seem to be becoming a reality. Decentraland already incorporated Polygon, the layer two scaling solution, that allowed users to bridge their MANA from the Ethereum network to Polygon, making gameplay faster and more affordable. Integrating PolkaDot will be a little more complicated, given that the network is not EVM-compatible.

The most significant advantage of integrating PolkaDot comes from the parachains- currently numbering more than 30- and elements from these purpose-specific blockchains can be integrated into Decentraland gameplay.

At the time of writing, the proposal has attracted 56 members in favor, and only 11 have voted against it. The proposal has easily passed the 2 million voting power threshold. The voting will close on the 5th of December, and this proposal represents another step in bringing Decentraland firmly into the multi-chain future.

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