Decentraland DAO looks to introduce a new rarity tier for wearables

Decentraland DAO wants to introduce the Exotic rarity tier, which would have a mint cap of 50, giving wearable creators more flexibility

Decentraland DAO looks to introduce a new rarity tier for wearables

A draft proposal has passed seeking to add a new rarity tier: exotic. NikkiFuego authored the post highlighting the difficulties faced by wearables collectors when choosing between the different tiers of rarity- the number of times the NFT may be minted- explicitly highlighting the vicissitude between Mythic rarity (limited to ten mints) and Legendary rarity (limited to one hundred mints).

Wearables creators have several options available to them when it comes to rarity:

Unique- 1 mint
Mythic- 10 mints
Legendary- 100 mints
Epic- 1000 mints
Rare- 5000 mints
Uncommon- 10,000 mints
Common- 100,000 mints

NikkiFuego’s Motivation

The thrust of the author’s motivation comes from providing a better onboarding process for third parties. The difference between ten mints and one hundred mints is somewhat drastic, and the new Exotic tier would give creators greater leeway. For example, it would be easier to keep increased desirability whilst still doing giveaways to promote the wearable. By introducing this tier, NikkiFuego argues that it will make launching a wearable more desirable and thus encourage more third parties to onboard and explore this option within Decentraland.

The author also referenced the cost of Mythic wearables, which, given their limited supply, naturally command a great price- something about rarity really riles up the lizard part of the human brain. Introducing the Exotic tier would add another rarity grade allowing users to find unique items more suitable to their budgets.

The draft proposal passed with 222 votes in favor (equating to 2,219,195 voting power) and 13 votes against (equating to 937,530 voting power).

Decentraland DAO member TheCryptoTengu shared their support for the proposal advocating it to move to the next stage of governance:

Looking forward to seeing this moved to the next phase of governance as well.

The timing of this proposal seems apt given the current state of the DAO’s treasury, which has seen a 78% decrease in revenue compared to the last thirty days with a month of reduced activity and land sales. The DAO spent $1.3 million over the previous thirty days, making a deficit of $1 million, and any proposal that can help boost revenue will likely be welcomed.

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