Decentraland DAO grants tier 5 funding for metaverse role playing game Exodus: Goodbye World

Exodus Goodbye World secures $120,000 in DAO funding to continue building and expanding the MRPG.

Decentraland DAO grants tier 5 funding for metaverse role playing game Exodus: Goodbye World

The last grant proposal that the Decentraland DAO accepted before the two-month hiatus for new grants.

ExodusGBW authored the grant request and successfully secured $120,000 in funding from the DAO. ExodusGBW represents one of Decentraland’s most popular games. This metaverse role-playing game (MRPG) allows players to explore a medieval realm where they can hone skills, battle monsters, complete quests, and participate in community events. Given the blockchain integration, players own all their in-game items as NFTs, and this ownership has always been a core focus of the team behind Exodus GBW.

The seasonal events thrown by ExodusGBW have been consistently popular, and now with capital support from the DAO, the team looks to expand the Exodus realm. The motivation behind the grant is to extend the reach of Decentraland by adding more attractive features to the metaverse, giving users more reasons to visit and spend time in the Decentraland virtual reality.

ExodusGBW made a broad outline of how the funding would be spent:

Providing regular stipends for our engineers, designers, and interns
Publishing wearables for seasonal community events
Server maintenance costs
Team subscription to GitHub
Cover subscriptions to needed design software (like Adobe)
Marketing & Advertising
Limited Computer Equipment

The team consists of 17 members who supplied a complete roadmap of expected progress.
January will see player-to-player trading and a UI upgrade.
February will see a Valentine’s day event and a workshop skill allowing players to create in-game items.
March will see player versus monster combat.
April will see an Easter event and player-owned pets.
May will see a full game release tutorial.
And June will be focused on marketing and game growth.

Decentraland DAO member InJesterr voiced his support, pointing to the success of previous seasonal events:

My opinion is that Exodus needs the grant to continue their amazing work. Their Christmas event, Halloween event & all other game update release were a great success. If this game doesn’t deserve this grant to develop for us, I dont know what does.

Decentraland DAO Member jar0d voiced his approval of the grant but his disapproval of JTV- the owner of ExodusGBW.  

Hard to find a compelling reason to say the Exodus team doesn’t deserve a grant, given the work they’ve done in comparison to other projects which have also gotten grants….. I think there are many valid criticisms of JTV…. I’m going to vote yes, but I want the record to show I still think JTV is an ass.

A spat broke out in the comments, with various DAO members conflicted over specific statements made by JTV during streams about the Decentraland foundation and comments regarding if the wearables model was sustainable.

Decentraland DAO member Ahmad_H diffused tensions with a simple observation and spoke in favor of JTV:

While people find a few clips of JTV saying something about the foundation, they ignore the hundreds of hours of streaming JTV has done in the Decentraland category. He did everything for the community.

Whilst tensions broke out about JTV’s prior comments and some took personal issue with him, the grant proposal was accepted and passed with 270 votes in favor (9,745,052 voting power) and 46 votes against (1,823,520 voting power).

The overarching consensus was that the ExodusGBW team has worked very hard, overcome difficulties, and regardless of what people think about JTV's comments, the game deserves DAO funding.

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