Decentraland DAO grant update from Espacio Creador

Decentraland DAO receives a monthly update from Espacio Creador grant and their progress in integrating artists from Latin America into Decentraland

Decentraland DAO grant update from Espacio Creador

Espacio Creador has released its monthly update marking four months of work toward integrating artists from Latin America with Decentraland.

Espacio Creador sought a grant of $12,000 to create a PhyGital (a portmanteau of physical and digital) realm where artists from Latin America could display, promote, and monetize their art. Espacio Creador argues that one of the best ways to increase metaverse adoption is to provide reasons for people to enter virtual realities and spend time there. And art presents a fantastic vehicle for this cause.

Metafonsi authored the grant proposal, which passed in September 2021. The proposal had 25 votes in favor (2,749,485 voting power) and 14 votes against (1,764,386 voting power). Interestingly DAO Committee Member Yemel voted against it, supporting only one-half of the proposal:

I’m voting no. I don’t believe there is enough value here. I would sponsor a Decentraland side event for DevCon with a 4k budget.

Metafonsi provided a more robust breakdown of the spending and proposed the following:

- Development of EsCreador building: USD 8K (Dev Team)
- IRL event + marketing: USD 4k (DJ, location, promotion, marketing campaign, ads on social media platforms, food, beverages)
- EsCreador Team: USD 0 (The operational/supporting team will not perceive any compensation)
- Street artists: USD 0 (Street artists will perform without any direct charge to the grant funds. We have arranged to convert their performance into an NFT listed on OpenSea and deployed on the Espacio Creador Gallery in DCL.)

In the fourth monthly update, Espacio Creador announced they had used the funds to pay the marketing and operations team and spent the time preparing and organizing educational and artistic releases for the first quarter of 2023. They also announced that they had their first in-person workshop with students of the National University of Colombia that showed students how to create experiences in Decentraland.

The grantees have been working hard and keeping the DAO updated on their progress. They have announced their intention to participate in the Decentraland Metaverse Fashion week with different wearables crafted by artists from Latin America from their community.

A prime example of the diverse range of grant proposals the Decentraland DAO supports and how the metaverse has begun to erode borders rapidly.

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