Decentraland DAO goes to the polls to find a new committee member

The Decentraland DAO has begun a poll, the first of three stages, to confirm and appoint a new committee member

Decentraland DAO goes to the polls to find a new committee member

The DAO committee still needs to appoint another member, and the DAO has begun a poll that marks the first of three stages in the confirmation and appointment process.

The committee requires another member in order to enable its initial vision of having a majority vote, with two out of three members agreeing. The Decentraland DAO committee currently only has two members; thus, any contested decision would result in gridlock.

The committee's responsibility is to enact binding proposals on-chain, distribute grant funding, and undertake general work related to the execution of the DAO’s smart contracts.  

Fehz authored the poll, and HPrivaBot and one of the current standing members of the committee, Yemel, co-authored it.

The Shortlist of Candidates

AwedJob is a highly active member of the DAO and focused on his human touch to attract community votes.

To provide my humanizing energy to this position which is more than a series of grant management duties.

Champ, one of the creators behind WildernessP2E, a combat game in Decentraland, has been involved with Decentraland since November 2021. Champ has received two separate grants to expand the offerings of Wilderness and has first-hand experience with the functioning of the DAO. Champ focused on the future of decentralization to attract voters.

I see Decentraland as the most honest attempt to create a truly decentralized virtual world. The Decentraland DAO is a core pillar for this vision, and I would like to contribute.

Martriay, a very early contributor to Decentraland who aided in the development of the bronze age, Decentraland pre-Ethereum, highlighted his commitment to security and transparency.

As an early contributor, I’d like to take a more active role in the community by improving all DAO operations with a strong focus on security and transparency.

Szjanko has been involved with Decentraland since 2017, participating in the initial land sale, and is a builder within Decentraland, drawing attention to his project, The Ocea Meta. Szjanko outlines his desire to ensure Decentraland stays ahead of its metaverse competitors and gains widespread adoption.

I want to see Decentraland stay in the lead of other metaverse projects, both because I am building my project, The Ocean Meta, here and because Decentraland offers a truly decentralized version of the metaverse vision. I think it is very important that we ensure that the decentralized metaverse is the one that will gain mainstream adoption.

Tobik joined Decentraland in 2021 and has a YouTube channel dedicated to Decentraland. He also covers the events unfolding within the DAO on his website, Unversed, meaning he is always up to date on the current happenings at the DAO. He pointed to this experience and how it would be complimentary.

There are many reasons [why I am applying], but I think this job is a perfect opportunity to complement it with what I already do, which is documenting Decentraland at Unversed. In that sense, I always need to be updated on what’s going on, including the DAO. I already spend time here reading, voting, and following proposals.

The Current Outlook

At the time of writing, Tobik leads comfortably with a backing of 5,811,308 voting power (76 votes), and in second place, Szjanko has the support of 2,481,655 voting power (107 votes). Tobik leads the race, but Szjanko leads the popular vote.

This shortlist of five candidates mirrors the last shortlist of five candidates that were all rejected by whales when it came to the binding governance decision.

Interestingly a large wallet, 0xed7461fd98758a84b76d6e941cbb92891443c36f, that has been delegated four million voting power from a Gnosis multi-sig safe, 0x49907511bdf0351daa417a87d349060876a42544, that voted against Tobik in the last vote has flipped their decision and decided to back Tobik, at least in the poll stage this time.

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