Decentraland DAO forms an accountability committee

Decentraland DAO forms an accountability committee

Decentraland DAO forms an accountability committee

The proposal passed the binding governance stage on December 30th and outlined a guide for the creation and function of a new DAO task force: The Accountability committee. The proposal came from Zino, who had some help from Palewin & Yararasita as co-authors.

The Accountability Committee’s core responsibility focuses on revoking grants. This committee has been created around protecting the DAO’s treasury fund and holding projects/ groups that receive grants to a higher standard. The fallout of the MetaTrekkers Grant would be an ideal case for the Accountability Committee to review and take the necessary action of grant revocation if appropriate.

The Accountability Committee will act as a follow-up stage to a pause in the vesting contract if concerns have been raised and brought to the Grant Support Squad. After reviewing a case, the Accountability Committee will have the power to revoke a grant, but this will be a last resort only if the project/ group in question does not provide a resolution.

Five members and two substitutes elected by the Decentraland DAO will constitute this new body, with an expected term length of twelve months. The DAO will financially compensate each member. All DAO members can apply for the position. Following the typical process that has been employed in the establishment of prior groups. The DAO reserves the right to remove members through a majority vote or an internal committee decision.

DAO member Shiny commented about the number of squads/ committees and voiced concerns about the volume of DAO funds given to these groups:

There are already multiple squads and committees. I am confused about what each squad/committee does and if their work doesn’t overlap. I am against creating another committee, and I thought it was the responsibility of the grant support squad already.

SugarClub chimed in with a tongue-in-cheek comment:

Decentraland is turning Into a bureaucratic metaverse project. Who would have thought when I first got involved five years ago.

Ginoct gave a full breakdown of the current expenditure and roles of the existing committees, and Zino gave several thoughtful responses fully explaining the motivation and function of the new committee, highlighting how cost-effective this new committee would be by comparing their compensation to the grant allocation sizes.

The vote passed with 55 votes in favor (6,886,464 voting power) and 20 votes against (5,379,677 voting power), marking the Accountability Committee's creation.

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