Decentraland DAO enacts salaries for committee members

Decentraland DAO enacts salaries for committee members

Decentraland DAO enacts salaries for committee members

A binding governance proposal authored by Yemel has been enacted, meaning that Decentraland DAO committee members now receive financial compensation for their work.

Committee members Yemel and Kyllian now receive a salary from the DAO for enacting proposals on-chain. The DAO committee plays a crucial operational role in managing the grants program, updating proposal statuses, executing treasury operations, and evaluating and scrutinizing proposals.

Yemel outlined his core motivation for the proposal:

Compensating DAO committee members is fundamental for a sustainable DAO operation.

A featured link to Etherscan in the proposal shows hundreds of transactions executed by a committee member on the DAO’s behalf, and Yemel outlines how despite gas fees being reimbursed, the time required to review and sign all these transactions had not been compensated. Coupled with an increased workload due to one of the initial committee members resigning early in 2022 a salary looks pretty appropriate given the volume of work undertaken.

The vote shows DAO members' alignment: 84 votes in favor (9,654,763 voting power) and one vote against (2,110 voting power).

Now that this proposal has been enacted, each committee member will receive a monthly payment of $2,400 in MANA. Each committee member commits to working four hours per week at a rate of $150 per hour. This proposal's preferable outcome would be attracting skilled candidates to join the committee.

This general sentiment was that this proposal was long overdue. Committee positions have been voluntary for almost a year, and this entity has played an essential role in the DAO’s functioning.

DAO member Maserphaz took issue with the hourly rate:

I agree that you should be compensated, but the rate seems outlandishly high for so little required hours and breadth of work. $150/hr USD is WAY and above any normal rate for the most part signing transactions

DAO member Klockmann had a more positive outlook about the pay:

Yes, yes and yes. Compensate the gate-keepers of our community funds. The rate is fine in my opinion, could even be higher. We need to have well-payed administrators in such trusted and security matters, to ensure quality, duty and dedication.

Although several members disagreed over the pay rate, the core tenet that committee members should receive financial compensation was an overwhelming yes. Hopefully, by compensating committee members, the DAO can attract talented candidates, which will further help increase the DAO’s productivity levels and output.

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