Decentraland DAO adds a new wearable category: hands

The Decentraland DAO leans heavily in favor of introducing hands as a new and separate wearable category

Decentraland DAO adds a new wearable category: hands

This proposal comes from NikkiFuego and seeks to introduce a new wearable category. It currently leads heavily in favor of passing, with 355 votes, equating to 7,786,853 voting power, approving the proposal that possesses a threshold of 6 million voting power.

Currently, the wearables categories include hat, helmet, hair, facial hair, head, upper body, lower body, feet, and skin. At the moment, sometimes certain wearables will affect the rendering of other wearables; for example, an avatar wearing a helmet replaces hair and facial hair.

There is also an accessories category that has become inundated with hand accessories. Introducing a new category solely for hand wearables addresses the issue and will benefit creators allowing them to create hand wearables without considering the effect on other categories.

Creating this new category more broadly builds toward the larger flywheel effect for wearables and Decentraland. Giving creators a better platform to showcase their wearables will encourage visibility and drive sales, allowing new creators to onboard. Increased users, and increased sales, means greater revenue for the Decentraland DAO.

This proposal has been warmly received by the community, with DAO member BrandonManus using homespun language but expressing his feelings well:

GIVE US HANDS!!! lol this is sick! cant wait to make SO MANY GLOVES

DAO member ckbubbles commented:  

Are y'all ready for all the nail art that will be coming out from me and my collaborators with this new category? I hope so becuse I’m so excited for this!

And these two comments perfectly reflect the broader anticipation felt by wearable creators for integrating hands as a new wearable category.  

This proposal will see the Decentraland documentation updated and introduce hands to avatars. NikkiFuego and Doki have already created a resource file to replace the old source file for avatars and offered 3D modeling services free of charge to the foundation to help introduce hand wearables.

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