DAOs are primed for rapid growth, new survey reveals

DAOs are primed for rapid growth, new survey reveals

A recent survey conducted by MetisDAO Foundation suggests that a growing number of Americans are ready to embrace decentralization. Fueled by declining interest in traditional models and a growing need for more flexible work hours, workplace independence, and participation in decision-making, the future of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) is looking bright as more people are expected to throng to the space.

The DAO administered a 14-question survey via SurveyMonkey to 1,112 respondents across the U.S. on November 3, 2022. The goal was to gauge the sentiments around remote working (post-COVID-19) and how it fits into the emerging Web3-powered economy.

According to the survey results, the world is actually ready for decentralization. 

For one, even though Americans are beginning to return to the office following the aftermath of the global pandemic, nearly half of the respondents prefer working remotely. Notably, more than two out of three respondents agreed that employers should offer more remote work options.

DAOs are self-governing organizations, managed by a group of people with shared interests. In a traditional setting, decision-making power is generally concentrated at the top. However, every member of a DAO has a say on how the organization is governed.

That said, American workers are twice as likely to want more say in how things are done in the organization they work for.

Close to 80% of the respondents said they either preferred to work independently, with moderate oversight, or enjoy a high level of autonomy at work. Only 5 percent were okay with the traditional model, which requires regular management oversight.

“The desire for more independence in the workplace can be seized as an opportunity to inform the public of the value of workplace autonomy through decentralization,” added Elena Sinelnikova, MetisDAO Foundation Co-Founder. “What this survey tells us is that most people already want to work in a decentralized company. Decentralized organizations and companies can provide the technology to make that possible.”

On a broader spectrum, one in four Americans agrees that DAOs are a “revolutionary movement” that is changing the future of work. “Decentralized Autonomous Corporations (DACs) will encourage accountability and transparency, and foster innovation and flexibility– all of which will help organizations grow,” the report noted.

"Remote work has become a hot topic in the past three years, and the exponential growth of DAOs during that period is evidence of that,” said Pavel Sinelnikov, Metis DAO Co-Founder and CEO. “It’s clear from Metis’ survey that most people want out of the traditional office modality, especially in light of recent events. There is a broad public appetite for increased remote work options and an enthusiasm and openness to working at a DAO. We believe that remote-work practices frequently used by web3 businesses should be utilized by companies and workers beyond our industry,” he concluded.

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