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Danko appointed as the new director of the Balancer Foundation

On Monday, Danko became the new director of the Balancer Foundation after approximately 100% of the community voted in support of his appointment.

In November, the Foundation Board proposed appointing Danko as the director for the community following Mkflow’s decision to step down from the role. Mkflow, the former director will be taking on a more technical role within the Balancer ecosystem as part of a Service Provider.

Danko joined the Balancer DAO community in Q2 2022 as a Baller via the Operations and Partnerships subDAO. Months later, he moved to the Balancer Maxis workgroup, helping contributors and third-party projects navigate the protocol, as well as onboarding new DAO members. According to the Board, Danko proved himself to be “a reliable and trustworthy member” of the community during this period, “representing Balancer in several key meetings, events, and conversations.”

In addition to his work within the Balancer DAO, Danko is a founding member of BanklessBR DAO, a Brazilian-based community that helps people understand the Web3 space. He was a core contributor to the DAO until last July, publishing several articles on DAO communities. Meanwhile, he has more than 13 years of experience in law enforcement as a forensic scientist and investigator in real life, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in law and a Master’s degree in Public Policies.

Following his new role as a director, Danko will be responsible for “planning, developing, and enhancing the future strategic direction of the DAO, providing advice and direction on matters affecting the Company, and bringing an independent judgment to bear on issues of the DAO,” amongst others.

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