Curve to integrate with zkSync 2.0 to provide deep on-chain liquidity

Curve to integrate with zkSync 2.0 to provide deep on-chain liquidity

Over the past week, Curve revealed its intention to integrate with zkSync's 2.0 mainnet. This will be the first ZK-Rollup that the popular automated market maker (AMM) protocol is launching on.

According to an official blog post from Matter Labs, the creators of the Ethereum layer 2 scaling protocol zkSync, the move brings its company a step closer to achieving its dream of “global crypto accessibility to more people.” “Our long-term mission is to make self-sovereign participation in the digital economy — i.e., maintaining true control over one’s digital assets — affordable for anyone in the world,” said Alex Gluchowski, the co-founder and CEO of Matter Labs.

Zero-knowledge (ZK) rollups have generally been touted as the endgame to scaling Ethereum. Matter Labs’ zkSync is a ZK Layer 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain. It enables cheaper and faster transactions via off-chain transactions. The second iteration of the rollup was recently released, with the company branding it “the first EVM-compatible ZK Rollup on Ethereum’s testnet.”

On its part, Curve is a leading AMM on Ethereum and other EVM-compatible chains. Originally designed to trade stablecoins, the platform now supports volatile pairs. Since its debut in 2020, the protocol has launched hundreds of liquidity pools, relying on its proprietary formulas to provide high liquidity, low slippage, and low transaction fees between ERC-20 tokens.

Commenting on the integration, Michael Egorov, CEO at Curve Finance, said:

zkSync has cracked the problem of Ethereum scaling with their EVM-compatible layer 2 solution, and we can’t wait to create trustless, low-gas, user-friendly applications on their platform.

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