CityDAO expresses interest in Web3 university

CityDAO expresses interest in Web3 university

Discussions are currently ongoing in CityDAO regarding a Web3 university. While many community members welcomed the idea, there are questions on how the proposal aligns with the vision of the DAO and if the university will be a mere extension of the traditional educational model.

Scott Auriat submitted a proposal to CityDAO on November 8 detailing his idea for a Web3 learner-centered academic institution, tentatively called Univ3rCity. According to Scott, “the ultimate goal is a Web3 academic institution that will issue SBTs representing academic credentials and return a healthy percentage of the profits to the CityDAO treasury.

He argues that innovations in the Web3 space will soon force institutions to move credentials such as credit scores, degrees, and employment history from centralized databases to blockchains. Notably, credentials will become soul-bound tokens (SBTs). He goes on to state that the traditional university model has become “bloated, bureaucratic, centralized, and out of touch with the needs of the 21st century,” creating an opportunity for CityDAO to build a truly transformative learning institution.

Univ3rCity will focus on personalization and passion-based learning to motivate students […] It will be built such that it will evolve into a DAO with time by issuing governance tokens upon successful completion of courses – Welcome to Univ3rCity, where teachers own the classes and students own the university.

Scott will be working with three other members of the DAO to implement the idea - Jake 1, Eric, and David. In total, the team is asking for $32,000 ($16,000 per phase) for the first two phases of the implementation, which is expected to take about 12 weeks.

In the first phase, aka Phase 0, the team will develop the vision of Univ3rCity and create a prototype course that will be offered to citizens free of charge and non-citizens for a fee. In Phase 1, the team will deliver the prototype course.

Probing the trajectory of the institution, melissa said that she did not see “much value in Univ3rCity continuing the traditional educational model” with a different form of credentialing. However, Scott argues that there is much more to the model than issuing SBTs. He wrote:

What we envision is an entirely new education model emerging, given web3 can allow direct feedback between students and teachers. We will cut out the bloated bureaucratic mess that is academia today. The credentials are a byproduct, not the aim!

Speaking of Web3, an Ape Improvement Proposal (AIP) to bring Web3 to educators and schools has been passed by the ApeCoin DAO.

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