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CityDAO champions DAO coalition to advocate for decentralized organizations, community votes on the idea

A proposal to formalize the activities of the DAO Coalition is live on Snapshot. The group is asking for $9,999 to consolidate efforts to handle things like incorporation and website creation.

DAO Coalition is a group of about 30 DAOs created to advocate for DAOs in the United States and across the globe. Started by Stuttgart on behalf of CityDAO, the coalition consists of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) such as 3OH DAO, Alliance DAO, Aragon DAO, Bankless DAO, City3, CityDAO, Cohere, Data Union DAO, enDAOment, Governor DAO, Impact DAO, Klaytn, Polygon DAO, SuperRare DAO, and several others. The coalition is also supported by the Blockchain Association, COALA, NEAR, the DAO Research Collective, and the World Economic Fund.

DAOs face both risks and opportunities. It is critical that DAOs come together to speak with one voice on issues that impact the sector.

It is worth clarifying that the DAO Coalition is technically not yet in existence. In the meantime, it is just a Discord server with representatives of several DAOs.

The request for $9,999 USDC from CityDAO is part of a fundraising effort. Other DAOs are expected to contribute to the initiative, and some like Lobby3 have already secured their own $10,000 commitment. Once funded, the coalition will formalize its activities between Q4 2022 and Q1 2023 by establishing a 501(c)(4) and bylaws that govern the membership. In the event that the funding target is not realized, the coalition will return the $9,999 to CityDAO and other participants.

As per the proposal, Scottfits and Stuttgart will represent CityDAO as Directors of the formal DAO Coalition.

Voting to fund the DAO Coalition will be open until November 12. However, as of press time, 181 voters (representing 100%) had voted in support of the initiative.

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