CB Recruitment wants to get a $100k payment for recommendation of SushiSwap’s Head Chef

CB Recruitment wants to get a $100k payment for recommendation of SushiSwap’s Head Chef

Back in September, CB Recruitment, a specialist blockchain recruitment company that is a subsidiary of Coin Bureau, recommended two top-tier Web3 talents to join the race to become SushiSwap’s Head Chef. The recruitment firm nominated Paul Walton and Jared Grey and asked for a 30% fee of the winner’s annual pay if either of its candidates was elected as the next Head Chef.

On October 3, 2022, Jared Grey triumphed over four other candidates to become the Head Chef, securing over 83% of the community’s votes. After the victory of its recommended candidate, CB Recruitment asked for remuneration of $150k but after the backlash from some of the community members it droped the fee to $100k. “Our regular fee for an assignment of this magnitude would be $150k paid in USDC. However, as a gesture of good faith, we are prepared to reduce our fee to $100k and propose the following pay structures,” the firm wrote.

Moving forward, CB Recruitment has presented the community with three possible remuneration options.

  1. $50k USDC + $50k Sushi tokens paid immediately after a DAO vote,
  2. $50k USDC paid immediately after a DAO Vote + an extra $50k Sushi tokens paid 1 year after Jared assumed his role as Head Chef (assuming he is still in office), and
  3. $50k USDC paid immediately + $50k USDC paid 1 year after Jared began functioning as Head Chef, assuming he’s still in post.

he updated remuneration plan has done little to sway members of SushiSwap DAO. Nick Rishwain, in particular, voiced his displeasure over the new structure. He wrote:

I’m still not thrilled with the setup and do not want to vote. I don’t mean any offense to CB Recruitment, but I don’t think we should be making ex post facto payment decisions. It sets [a] bad precedent.

It is worth mentioning that Nick's position are clearly his and does not represent the opinion of the broader community.

Similarly, Pieter questioned the entire process, asking who signed the recruitment contract.

CB Recruitment Responds

Responding to this article, CB Recruitment explained its position and the situation of things in a Twitter thread. According to the company, it enjoyed a great working relationship with Sushi and its current Head Chef during the election process. In particular, it became aware of opening for a new Head Chef late, and as a result, the community was not aware of its fees.

CBR asserts that it is "not demanding anything" from the DAO. However, payment for the value provided was necessary for a long-term relationship. "If they wish us to be involved longer term, we’d like to be paid for our services. If not, we part with a handshake," the company wrote.

CB Recruitment team noted that the fee reduction to $100k from an earlier $150k was a gesture of goodwill, and that "the community did not pressure CBR to lower it."

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