Cardano Community Elects Inaugural Constitutional Committee Members

Cardano Community Elects Inaugural Constitutional Committee Members

The Cardano blockchain platform has completed voting for its first Interim Constitutional Committee (ICC), a key step in implementing on-chain governance. The election saw significant community participation, with over 455 million ADA tokens staked and 1,947 unique votes cast.

Twenty-one candidates stood for election to the ICC, which will be responsible for upholding Cardano's interim Constitution and overseeing initial governance decisions. Voters used a ranked-choice system to select their preferred representatives.

The Cardano Atlantic Council received the highest share of votes at 51.4%, equivalent to 232,162,950,759,731 Lovelace. This six-member council includes individuals from the United States, Norway, Canada, and Brazil. Cardano Japan, composed entirely of Japanese members, secured second place with 18.7% of votes. The Eastern Cardano Council, a multinational group, came in third with 10.3%.

Three alternates were also designated: Mauro Agustín Andreoli, Scientific Analytical Tools LLC, and Joshua Stone. These will serve as replacements if needed to ensure continuity of the governance structure.

The newly elected ICC members will work alongside established entities in the Cardano ecosystem, including IOG, EMURGO, the Cardano Foundation, and Intersect. Their primary task will be to implement and oversee the interim Constitution as Cardano transitions to a more decentralized governance model.

Following this election, Cardano plans to hold 50 global workshops starting in August to draft its final Constitution. A Constitutional Convention is scheduled for December in Buenos Aires, where elected delegates will further refine the governance framework.

The Cardano community is being encouraged to remain engaged in the governance process. Opportunities include applying for roles on constitutional councils, participating in evaluation teams, and testing governance features on dedicated platforms. These initiatives aim to ensure broad community input as Cardano develops its long-term governance structure.

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