Boring Security gets more funding from ApeCoin DAO

Boring Security gets more funding from ApeCoin DAO

The proposal to extend Boring Security's initial funding from AIP 9 was passed earlier today by the ApeCoin DAO.

Back in October, Boring Security, a not-for-profit DAO that provides free classes and resources on Web3 security, created a proposal to extend its funding from the ApeCoin DAO. The security-centric DAO received initial funding in June.

The new proposal asking for $420,696 in funding was passed on December 8, with over 80% of the voters rallying behind the initiative. The latest capital injection will be channeled into the following areas - $380,000 for UNI v3 deployment strategy, $26,109.41 to pay back Boring Consulting (Feld) for out-of-pocket expenses, and $13,987.49 for immediate partnerships and promotions.

In addition to the funding from the DAO, Boring Security voiced its intention to reach out to other communities to generate funds, which will be added to UNI v3.

Over the next year, we believe that Boring Security will become the central security hub for people in the NFT, crypto, and web3 communities. We have etched out a rough outline of how we believe we will be allocating the funds, along with what we will do with the proceeds.

Speaking of a roadmap, Boring Security hopes to deploy its DAO tooling, fund at least three initiatives outside the DAO, and get ApeCoin DAO funded through grants and NFT sales between now and Q1 2023. Later on in 2023, the DAO will integrate its curriculum and learning resources into a minimum of 10 major blue-chip partners, build a library of engaging content, and roll out learning materials across metaverses such as Otherside and The Sandbox.

We want security education to be ubiquitous, incentivized, engaging and high quality. Boring Security wants to have its content everywhere and even be able to reward ApeCoin token holders that consume it,” Boring Security wrote.

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