BeetsDAO teams up with renowned artist Dailly on VR musical experience Metamorphic

BeetsDAO teams up with renowned artist Dailly on VR musical experience Metamorphic

The 58-person NFT collective has been working with renowned electronic artist Dailly on a new VR musical experience called “Metamorphic.” The most interesting aspect of the project is arguably the fact that NFT holders will have the final say over whether the public can freely access the experience.

Last Thursday, BeetsDAO, an NFT collective that is disrupting the creator-audience space, revealed that it had been working with Niall Dailly for the past nine months on a 3D/VR music album. Dubbed Metamorphic, the musical experience features an “ultra-low supply, 10 Album collection - each of the 100 1/1 environments is an immersive exploration of the origins of electronic music in East London.”

Dailly, aka DJ Plus One, is a former world champion turntablist. He ventured into the Web3 space at the height of the Covid- 19 pandemic when his live engagements were canceled. As a result, the former member of the Scratch Perverts and Jack Beats began thinking about creating something new for his solo album project “Metamorphic.”

According to him, he wanted the visual narrative of the album to be more than a “very stunning visualizer.” Collaborating with 3D artist Logan Gomez and art director Jeff Metal, Dailly used iPhone’s Lidar scanner to capture actual environments. This information was then used to represent locations in East London, paying tribute to the growth of electronic music.

The new music album will allow users to explore the interactive spaces on a web browser or a VR headset like the Meta Quest 2 or Quest Pro.

Meanwhile, BeetsDAO alongside Async Art will sell the album’s interactive environments in an exclusive Ethereum NFT drop this month. Each NFT will cost one ETH (about $1,260) and point to a different web-based experience. Interestingly, prospective minters must go through a video chat interview with Dailly before they can mint the “Metamorphic” NFT albums.

A public version of the experience will be open to everyone for at least six months. After that, it will be up to the NFT holders to decide if the experimental music experiences should still be accessible online.

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