Aragon launches a new tech stack for DAOs

Aragon launches a new tech stack for DAOs

Aragon, a platform for creating DAOs, is launching a new tech stack on the mainnet during EthDenver. The Aragon team will be presenting their new tech stack through a series of events during EthDenver, including a workshop on "Building the next DAO wave" at the Vīb Hotel Ballroom, a keynote speech on "Rebuilding the foundation for DAOs" at the DAOs + Community Stage, and a booth at DAO Town in the EthDenver Events Center.

The workshop will allow participants to build a DAO on testnet using the new Aragon OSx protocol, with the team on hand to offer guidance and support. The booth will provide an opportunity to learn more about the new tech stack, as well as product demos and opportunities to connect with the Aragon team.

In addition to these events, Aragon is offering bounties to incentivize developers to build on the new stack. Five bounties are available, including a reward of $5,000 for building an AI proposal summarizer for Aragon DAOs, and a $3,000 reward for building a delegated governance model for Aragon DAOs. The bounties are open throughout the event, with ongoing opportunities for developers to build and test their ideas on the Aragon platform.

Overall, the launch of the new tech stack is a significant development for the Aragon platform, as it offers increased flexibility and ease of use for developers looking to create DAOs. With a range of events and bounties on offer, EthDenver presents an exciting opportunity for developers to engage with the Aragon team and learn more about the future of decentralized organizations.

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