Apoory named as a possible candidate to lead NFTX protocol development

Apoory named as a possible candidate to lead NFTX protocol development

0xChop, a core team member of NFTX DAO, has put forward a proposal to hire Apoory as protocol lead for twelve months.

Earlier today, the proposal to employ Apoory as protocol lead went live on Snapshot. If approved, the full stack developer will become responsible for leading the protocol’s vision, developing and delegating feature development of the protocol, and creating and sustaining technical resources for the NFTX builder ecosystem such as documentation and technical blog posts.

The protocol dev lead will serve for 12 months, after which there will be a new governance proposal to extend the position.

According to 0xChop, Apoory has grown to become a key member of NFTX DAO. Notably, he has been working on NFTX v3, a rehauled protocol offering, alongside Alex Gausman & Kiwi over the past months. He has also garnered extensive protocol experience, having worked as a smart contract developer for DeFi and NFT-focused protocols like Sound.xyz and Zapper.fi.

Apoory will receive a compensation of 175,000 USDC and $75,000 worth of NFTX tokens for his service as a protocol lead. The USDC payment will be subject to a 12-month vesting schedule using Sablier, while the NFTX payment will be made quarterly based on the spot price of the token each quarter. 0xChop estimates that Apoory will have a 40-hour/week workload, “which is reflected in the offered package.”

Meanwhile, the funds will be paid upfront from the DAO treasury if the vote passes. Furthermore, since the candidate was sourced through a headhunter, a 10% sourcing fee will be paid on the USDC part of his package ($17.5k), also paid upfront.

Voting will close on December 20.

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