ApeCoin DAO shoots down attempt to create animated series

ApeCoin DAO shoots down attempt to create animated series

Members of ApeCoin DAO have voted against two proposals seeking to launch an animated series. The two separate animation-related proposals failed to garner enough support from the ApeCoin community.

AIP-151, a proposal seeking funds for an ApeCoin DAO animated TV series, received a whopping 90% vote against the initiative. Similarly, “AIP-168: The Legend of ApeCoin,” struggled to gain just 20% votes in favor of the idea. Voting on both proposals ended on Thursday morning.

Following the success of its first #ApeFollowApe show, NFTV Network decided to expand the scope of its interviews to include all ApeCoin holders. The result is AIP-151, a proposal to fund a weekly animated interview series that features ApeCoin holders. The series will be produced by the NFTV Network team led by Greg Cipes.

According to the proposal, eligibility will be open to anyone with a minimum of 10 $APE. There were also plans to stream the episodes in the Otherside metaverse if possible, plus turning the episodes into NFTs that will be sold exclusively in $APE.

To bring its idea to life, NFTV asked for 38,319 $APE (approximately $240k as of press time) in funding for six months worth of content.

As for AIP-168, the plan was to produce 12 independent animations with a run time of 1 minute each. Handled by Atrium, a blockchain-backed network of artists and creators, the proposal requested $200,000 to produce 12 stories for the first series.

It is currently unclear if the creators of both proposals will take a second shot at getting their ideas funded by the ApeCoin community.

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