ApeCoin DAO rejects proposal to create a communications team

ApeCoin DAO rejects proposal to create a communications team

A proposal to establish ApeComms, a dedicated communication team for the ApeCoin DAO, has been rejected by several members of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Voting closed last Thursday with more than 70% of the voting power opposing the idea.

The idea to create a communications team for ApeCoin DAO was introduced in September. The eight-man team will perform five primary functions – creating and maintaining an official Discord server for ApeCoin, coordinating ApeCoin’s Twitter account, developing educational content to guide members through ApeCoin Improvement Proposals, maintaining communication channels between Ape Foundation Entities and the ApeCoin DAO community, and increased media coverage of ApeCoin DAO.

Speaking to DAO Times, DeFi consultant and one of the members of the ApeComms team, 0xAmplify, explained that the DAO currently lacked established communication channels and the proposal sought to create standards and “appoint users who will act as direct lines of communication between the Foundation, the Administrators, and the community.

Although the idea was generally welcomed by members of the crypto community, there were some concerns about the compensation the ApeComms team will receive. The ApeComms team had requested $998,000 in $APE to run the communications team for 12 months. Notably, each member of ApeComms will receive a monthly remuneration of $9,250 in ApeCoin (making up $111,000 for the 12 months of service). The operational budget for the 12 months was also $111,000.

Many of the voters that were against the proposal left comments in their transaction expressing their disapproval of the compensation plan. @BAYC1K said that “the budget set aside is too high and seems unreasonable.” Similarly, @ethtyler said:

Good idea but a lot of these things are already done for free. Hard to see how this is worth $1M.

It is currently unclear if the ApeComms team will review its compensation plan or simply scrap the idea.

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