ApeCoin DAO elects three members to join Special Council

ApeCoin DAO elects three members to join Special Council

Sequel to the conclusion of ApeCoin DAO’s Special Council nominations last week, three new members have been elected to join the group’s Special Council. Voting closed on Thursday morning, with BoredApeG, Veratheape, and Gerry receiving the most votes. The three candidates will resume their one-year tenure on January 1, 2023.

Last Thursday, the nomination process for the DAO’s Special Council ended. Only five out of the forty applications were selected to progress to the Special Council election, which ran from December 22-28. The five nominees were veratheape, Matt Solomon, Gerry, herb, and Gerard Hernandez (BoredApeG).

Although the Special Council has five seats, only three are currently vacant. Data on Snapshot shows that BoredApeG received the highest number of votes (27.65%) from the community. Coming in second place is Vera, with 26.36%, while Gerry received 24.13% of the votes. Surprisingly, Herb garnered the least number of votes, just 1.12%.

The Special Council is more or less the DAO’s voice on the Ape Foundation. The group provides oversight of the Foundation administrators, administering the DAO’s proposals and serving the vision of the community. It also meets on proposals requiring administrative review under ApeCoin DAO rules.

For their time on the council, each member will receive a compensation of $20,833 worth of $Ape monthly. However, there has been some mild drama over the compensation plan. Recently, one of the early candidates for the Special Council nomination proposed slashing the monthly compensation by five to $4,166.6 monthly. There have been several arguments for and against the move.

As for the new candidates, Gerard is focused on three core objectives – more action, improved communication, and better representation. Vera, on the other hand, is looking to “offer perspectives from Asian communities,” “uplift women through platforms that encourage engagement,” and “create a framework for successful DAOs.” Meanwhile, Gerry is particular about improving communication between the council and the community. He said:

The plan is to introduce POAPs in the beginning, followed by games and more juicy incentives after we migrate our town halls to The Otherside.

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