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Aavegotchi's AGIP 72: GHST reimbursement gains 89.64% votes, with a focus on flexible swaps timeline for DAO wallet payback

AGIP 72 aimed to find the optimal way to reimburse the Aavegotchi DAO wallet for $5 million borrowed before curve closing. Two options were proposed: repaying in DAI or repurchasing GHST using DAI. The community strongly favored "Reimburse in GHST" (89.64%), and the proposal emphasized the need for a flexible reimbursement timeline due to changing market conditions.

The proposal suggests that 1 GHST is 1 GHST, trying to reimburse the 2,740,000 GHST borrowed with $5M DAI. This approach will enable the DAO to purchase GHST at a fair market price, while also ensuring that the DAO is reimbursed for the full amount borrowed.

It's important to note that the 6 months swaps timeline specified can be changed to any timeline if the DAO is willing to. This flexibility is essential because it acknowledges that market conditions can change, and the DAO may need to adjust its strategy accordingly.

Overall, AGIP 72 provides a clear and concise plan for reimbursing the DAO wallet. By selecting an option that is fair and transparent, and by providing flexibility in the implementation strategy, the proposal aims to provide the most efficient and effective approach to reimbursement. This approach will help to ensure that the DAO wallet is reimbursed at a fair market rate, while also enabling the DAO to continue its operations and growth.

The proposal has received a total of 1,468 votes. Of those, 89.64% voted for "Reimburse in GHST" and 10.36% voted for "Reimburse only in DAI".

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