A new proposal aims to introduce a preliminary technical challenge for Arbitrum Security Council candidates

A new proposal aims to introduce a preliminary technical challenge for Arbitrum Security Council candidates

Arbitrum DAO member, cattin, has proposed implementing a technical test for Security Council candidates on a blockchain network. The proposal aims to ensure that elected members possess the necessary technical skills to maintain the safety of the network..

The primary responsibility of the Security Council is to execute software upgrades, both in emergency and non-emergency situations. This requires members to have a deep understanding of the source code, potential exploits, and the ability to implement patches. There is concern within the community that some candidates may be elected based on popularity rather than their technical proficiency.

To address this issue, the proposal suggests that candidates be required to complete a challenge or simulation during the initial stage of the election process. This challenge would involve detecting an error or vulnerability in an upgrade and demonstrating their ability to patch it. The Arbitrum DAO's new security advisor, OpenZeppelin, could be tasked with defining the challenge, with input from Offchain Labs.

By implementing this pre-election filter, delegates and voters would be better equipped to select candidates who meet the constitutional requirements for membership in the Security Council. This measure is seen as a way to convey to users, traders, and developers that Arbitrum takes security seriously and is committed to maintaining the safety of the $17 billion in TVL currently on the network.

The proposal is currently in the request for comments stage, with the community seeking feedback from delegates and members. If the response is positive, a more concrete proposal will be developed and put forward through the usual governance processes, with the aim of implementing the technical test in time for the next Security Council elections.

As competition among Layer 2 solutions intensifies, the Arbitrum community recognizes that safety is a critical factor in attracting and retaining users. By ensuring that the Security Council comprises technically proficient individuals, Arbitrum hopes to maintain its position as a leader in the Layer 2 space and provide a secure environment for its growing ecosystem.

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