7 interesting projects worth checking out on Nouns Builder

7 interesting projects worth checking out on Nouns Builder

Inspired by NounsDAO, Nouns Builder is a tool that allows just about anyone to create a DAO in minutes. This powerful tool allows individuals to build and manage their own noun-based communities, where members can collaborate and contribute. It utilizes a factory contract called the Manager to create custom Nouns-styled DAOs. In addition to being a great tool for building DAOs, Nouns Builder is an ideal tool for finding like-minded people and starting a DAO from the bottom up.

In this article, DAO Times explores some of the top DAO projects on Nouns Builder. We ranked these decentralized communities using key metrics such as their total bid amount and auction settled amount.

Builder DAO

Builder DAO is the brainchild of Zora and NounsDAO. Launched on November 1, 2022, the DAO is dedicated to funding the proliferation of the Nouns Builder ecosystem and development of the protocol over time. The group proceeded to established an Unincorporated Nonprofit Association (UNA) in Wyoming for its US operations.

As of press time, the DAO had 132 tokens and 68 unique holders. Since inception, the DAO has received a little over 100 bids, with the total bid amount currently sitting at 611.7 ETH (approximately $1.08 million). The group currently has over 580 ETH on its balance sheet.


Launched on October 25, 2022, Purple has the highest number of unique token holders on this list. About 73.9% of its 153 tokens are in the hands of unique wallets. The group’s primary goal is to “proliferate and expand the Farcaster protocol and ecosystem.”

According to its website, interested individuals can interact with the community on two levels – as a DAO member or a member of the Purple community. Purchasing a Purple token at auction grants you the right to become a DAO member. On the flip side, the “Community member” tag is open to anyone who joins the Purple Discord, “build on the protocol, cast about the DAO or help propose, organize, and execute on small grants and proposals.”

The DAO has 43 ETH in its balance and has so far received a total bid of 261 ETH.


Not all DAO projects have the lofty dream of buying a golf course or owning an exclusive copy of the US Constitution. Some DAOs are formed for the fun of it, and XNouns is undoubtedly one of them.

Created in November 2022, XNouns celebrates the glitch origins of XCOPY combined with the artistic freedom of Nouns. A new XNoun is born every 8 hours 8 minutes and 8 seconds. It is also worth mentioning that XNouns wouldn’t have been possible without “the public licensing of artwork by XCOPY, 6529 and Nouns.”

The DAO has received a total bid of 43 ETH, has 124 unique holders, and has just 0.44 ETH on its balance sheet.

The Park DAO

The Park DAO touts itself as “an experiment supporting music on-chain through creation, curation, collection, and great coffee.” Notably, the collective is proliferating the happy Friday meme “with Fridays at the park and even trying to buy some nouns.” Bottom line is that Park DAO is a group for music lovers.

So far, the DAO has issued 166 tokens, with 76 unique token holders. There has been a total of 25.1 ETH worth of bids and a current treasury balance of 21.5 ETH.

Public Assembly

Public Assembly is on a mission to test the best practices for leveraging the unique physics of the internet to create what is missing as fast as possible. Although the general concept of the group seems abstract, the DAO is essentially a Web3 dev collective that is building developer tools and educational material for creative coders and artists.

A little over 60% of the 74 issued tokens are with unique holders. The collective has received a total of 31 ETH worth of bids and has a treasury size of just 4.2 ETH.

Santa Fe DAO

Santa Fe DAO describes itself as a project that is on a mission to fund art, artists, and creative projects through community governance.

Launched in December 2022, the project has issued 29 tokens, and currently has 55.2% unique holders. Its total bid sits at 24.3 ETH, with a current treasury balance of about 8.9 ETH.


mferbuilderDAO lauds itself as “a hyperstructure for mferish builders working on mferish public goods.” Every 69 minutes, a new mfer NFT is auctioned.

Interestingly, the DAO has the highest number of bidders on this list. With nearly 400 tokens already released, the group has just 25.8% unique holders. The collective has received a total bid of 22.48 worth of Ether, and a current treasury size of 3.98 ETH.

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