1inch to launch a dedicated analytics dashboard for its ecosystem following DAO vote

1inch to launch a dedicated analytics dashboard for its ecosystem following DAO vote

The DAO of the leading decentralized exchange aggregator, 1inch, has approved a proposal to build a dedicated analytics dashboard to help users make more informed decisions.

Created by Warden Finance, 1IP-18 was passed on Tuesday morning with nearly 100% support from the community. The dedicated analytics dashboard will allow users to “analyze the protocol's main KPIs, activity, treasury, and token-related metrics.”

In addition to improving the accessibility and transparency of key protocol information, Warden Finance argues that the tool will help users with decision-making, as well as provide more “thorough information than currently available on Dune.” Notably, a search tool and breakdown per user.

For a start, the dashboard will pull data from chains such as Ethereum, Optimism, Avalanche, Polygon, and Arbitrum. A Binance Smart Chain dashboard will however be served on a dedicated web app. The 1inch dashboard will rely on the Dune API as a data source. This data will then be indexed on an intermediate database for quick access.

As per the proposal, the dashboard is expected to feature subsections like a homepage for protocol KPIs, 1inch Fusion, treasury, 1inch token, gas fee estimates, and recent transactions.

A budget of $85,000 will be released to Warden Finance once the dashboard has been delivered. However, the DeFi-centric risk and analytics platform requested a $25,000 upfront payment.

The platform will be hosted through a 1inch subdomain, with an expected delivery date of 8-12 weeks from the grant approval date.

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