1inch Network Proposes $150K Grant for Web3 Beta Testing Platform beta.1inch.io

1inch Network Proposes $150K Grant for Web3 Beta Testing Platform beta.1inch.io

The 1inch Network is considering a proposal to fund the development of beta.1inch.io, a crowd and beta testing platform designed to improve the quality of web3 projects. The proposal, submitted by the xcrwd.io team, seeks a grant of $150,000 to cover development costs, community management, and rewards for platform contributors.

beta.1inch.io aims to address the crucial issue of ensuring the stability and smooth release processes of decentralized applications (dApps) by providing a skill-confirmed QA community. The platform will involve a global community of experienced web3 users to enhance the overall reliability and quality of web3 projects, helping to identify and address bugs, from UI to smart contract security.

The platform will offer several key features, including user registration through acceptance testing, web3 authentication, and profile management. It will also provide a built-in bug tracking system for reporting, tracking, and managing issues found during testing, as well as a claim contract for issuing tokens to pay fees during tests. Additionally, the platform will feature a showcase where testers can spend earned points on rewards and a space for communication and collaboration among testers and moderators.

According to the proposal, the 1inch Network and other web3 protocols can benefit from beta.1inch.io in various ways, such as enhanced security, protocol improvements, motivated beta testers, detailed feedback for product teams, stable releases, and community engagement. The platform also has the potential to provide a refund to the 1inch DAO in the future and facilitate the hiring of QA and development engineers.

The xcrwd.io core team consists of experienced professionals, including Danya, the founder and project manager with 8+ years of experience as a QA Engineer, and Max, a smart contracts and backend developer with 3+ years of experience as a Blockchain engineer. The team also includes part-time contributors, such as a full-stack developer and a frontend developer with a background in QA engineering.

The project roadmap is divided into two phases. The first phase focuses on developing and releasing the v1.0 platform app as beta.1inch.io and building a community by the end of Q3 2024. The second phase aims to scale the platform, add new 1inch products for testing, and grow the beta tester community.

The total funding requested is $150,000 USDC, with $20,000 allocated for rewards to beta-testers, $100,000 for platform development, $10,000 for infrastructure and operational efficiency, and $20,000 for community building. If approved, the grant will be sent to the receiving address provided in the proposal.

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