1inch DAO supports humanitarian relief efforts in Turkey with a $100,000 donation

1inch DAO supports humanitarian relief efforts in Turkey with a $100,000 donation

Following the devastating earthquakes in southern and central Turkey on February 6, 1inch DAO has risen to support relief efforts in the region. In yet another interesting use case of decentralized organizations, the DAO donated $100,000 to two relief funds.

The proposal to channel $100k from the 1inch DAO treasury towards humanitarian relief efforts was passed on Sunday evening. More than 99% of the community voted in support of the initiative.

According to the proposal, the donation will go towards helping to “save the lives of the victims who are facing severe shortages of food, shelter, medical supplies, clean water access, electricity supply disruption, etc. due to extensive damage caused by these earthquakes.”

The $100k donation has been split equally between Anka and BanklessDAO Turkey Disaster Relief Fund after both projects were vetted by the Ethereum community.

BanklessDAO Turkey Disaster Relief Fund will distribute its share of the donation to several vetted NGOs while the crypto relief fund, Anka, was created to “support the people of Turkiye after the disastrous earthquakes.” It is worth mentioning that although Syria was also affected by the earthquake, the DAO failed to include the country in its proposal due to international sanctions.

This is not the first time that DAOs have contributed to a global cause. In March 2022, UkraineDAO, the decentralized autonomous organization created by Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova, Trippy Labs, and PleasrDAO members raised around $6.1 million to aid Ukrainian citizens following the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

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